Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Mistress of time and Space podcast!

Art for the Ear - Chicano Rap - Episode 2

Spen all night, quite literally, putting this thing together. Someday, I really hope to be able to punp out a 40 minute podcast in much less than 6 hours. I get pretty wierd about making sure all parts of the podcast (save, the music) are very much my own, including the artwork posted with the podcast. What, me anal? Nah! I'm only a pretend virgo. 
 I must thank my homegirl @Caritas for assisting me with some parts of this podcast and for taking me on a tour of most of these groups over the last few months.
 This flavor music may not be up your ally, but I do suggest you give it a try. you may be pleasently surprised when you find yourself tapping your toes to familiar sounds and themes.  Time to click and enjoy. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

HNT - Half Nekkid Thurday

My first official HNT post. Instead of taking the time to explain what Half Nekkid Thurday is, I will just provide a link, and let you get on with the ogaling. 

I thought I screwed  up HNT by getting completely naked, but my robe was on the bed, and a disaster was narrowly averted. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Podcast: The Mistress of Time and Space!

Mistress of Time and Space initial transmission!

Made my first podcast today, spurred on by @thepete of, inspired by @Mercy of Cyberspace Babes, heckled by @TregorySullivan of, and just in a mood to tell it like it *could* be. Music, mood, comments. Give it a spin. Won't stain, low in carbs, high in anti0xidents. Pro hot & slippy parts.

The Vagina Game

This post is in honor of the zefrank/forum, and the chica that infected me and many others with visions of world where we make the linguistic rules, and we can bend them at our whims for our own amusement. Lilgothicfairy85 first mentioned this game on 11-21-2006, when @zefrank was in the midst of his daily video blog, and many of his goofy fans hung around his forum and talked smack to each other about everything from current events to group projects. it was an awesome community, and although most of us have gone our seperate ways since The Show ended, web 2.0 has somehow still managed to keep many of us connected.

The Vagina Game was one of many activities we made up for each other to practice collaborating on ideas, but in a very peripheral way. Games like this are a great way to get others involved with, well, whatever. Once the communication starts, the skies the limit.

The Vagina game is very simple. Movie/book/song name with one of the words changed to vagina: "Star Wars: Episode V - The Vagina Strikes Back", for example. Just googled "the vagina game" and was amazed at how many people out there like to play it. Heh. I'm on @Twitter quite a bit, and I've found that twitterspace is a great place to get others involved with peripheral silly activities.

I love springing the Vagina Game on my followers, just so we all get to talking about *something*. On the downside, I end up losing some followers, but upside is the followers that hang around end up being the kind of peeple that can handle light hearted humor, even if it does virge on the banal, inane, and risque. Those are my kind of peeps. Life is too damn short to take it so seriously.

@Cherishhellfire *is* NSFW, unless you work at home or in a pr0n shoppe.

This is a taste of the strangeness that can happen in social networks when you throw a vagina into the middle of the room!

cherishhellfire: @thepete Doesn't 'The United Vagina's of America' just kinda roll off the tongue?

thepete: @cherishhellfire not sure what the rules are to the vagina game but can I suggest United States of Vaginamerica?

Tekphreak: @cherishhellfire vagina's are forever (1971)

HarlDelos: @cherishhellfire James Bond fans would love "The Man With The Golden Vagina"

cherishhellfire: Never Say Never Vagina

HarlDelos: @cherishhellfire Like the 1975 Don Johnson movie, "A Boy and his Vagina"? Is that a good entry in the game?
cherishhellfire: @HarlDelos Awesome entry into the One flew over the cuckoos vagina.

Faeriebutch: @cherishhellfire movies... 'Dude, Where's my Vagina?" "Harry Vagina and the Chamber of Secrets" "What Vaginas[Dreams] May Come?"

uncleplayground: @cherishhellfire Star Wars: Return of the Vagina

KidsOnChemicals: @cherishhellfire sisterhood of the traveling vagina

cherishhellfire: The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Vagina

Akelaa: @cherishhellfire *dying* Boy vagina! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

Akelaa: @cherishhellfire Let the Right Vagina In

Akelaa: @cherishhellfire Gleaming the Vagina

Neo_drone: @cherishhellfire hehehe 28 Vagina's Later

cherishhellfire: @jalapno The Vagina Supremacy!

TregorySullivan: @cherishhellfire The Fantastic Vagina: RISE of the Silver Surfer

jalapno: @cherishhellfire Happy Vagina

cherishhellfire: @TregorySullivan Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Vagina Warriors!

TregorySullivan: @cherishhellfire Touche. And for irony: Zorro: The Gay Vagina

TregorySullivan: @cherishhellfire Race to Vagina Mountain

cherishhellfire: @Neo_drone The Vagina wears Prada

TregorySullivan: @cherishhellfire Friday the 13 Part IV: A New Vagina

jalapno: @cherishhellfire then it would be The Bourne Vagina?

TregorySullivan: @cherishhellfire Cannibal: The Vagina

Neo_drone: @cherishhellfire The Vagina's Advocate

cherishhellfire: 2001: A Space Vagina

cherishhellfire: @Herbwoman W00t! Apocalypse Vagina?

Neo_drone: @cherishhellfire The Vagina Club

cherishhellfire: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vagina

cherishhellfire: I'll easy one: Raiders of the lost Vagina

cherishhellfire: Vagina game: Movie/book/song name with one of the words changed to vagina: "Star Wars: Episode V - The Vagina Strikes Back"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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