Monday, December 24, 2007


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BE-ing too

Emotional purge. Blech. Thanks to the Universe for the lack of an aftertaste with those. I am a Tribute to all humans who have come before me, and those to follow. I do believe. AS this is my belief, I am the "Greatest Tribute" that their is, being the only one in this body squawking about the greatness of humanity. Of course, greatness comes at many levels. I could use this time to spew emotional baggage at the Internet, but I having thrown out my baggage this morning, I guess all I can do is simply to remind myself, and anyone else who happens to be paying attention that we, as humans, can change anything we decide to. And all it takes is a decision. Everything in our existence begins with a thought....we, as individuals, even began with only a thought..granted, it was someone else's, but that is the testament to the power we all inherently carry with ourselves every single day, weather or not we acknowledge that power or not, it is there. It is in our cells. Our hearts. Our souls. We cannot make it go away, and if we choose not to steer it consciously, we will control it subconsciously. Kinda like driving at night with the headlights off. Not real cool. People get hurt that way, other people can be killed by our own ignorance of that choice to "drive" our lives with out looking where we are driving. This is not the way I want to live my life. in spite of not being completely aware of that choice within myself prior to this moment in time, I am aware of it now. All it takes to change a life is to change a thought...we change our minds a hundred times a day....and there we go....the lights are back on.

Friday, December 14, 2007

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

101 little know facts about me-revisited

101 little know facts about me

1- Ms. Hellfire is not my real name.
2-I have 3 bat tattoos on my belly, and one on my arm.
3-I have 2 tattoos of the moon, and one of the sun.
4-I was born at the same hospital as my little brother in St. Charles, Il.
5-I'm not ticklish...unless I want to be.
6-I have Native American ancestry in my genes. Spanish and Irish too.
7-I love tacos.
8-I have been bitten by only 3 dogs in my life. I bit back.
9-I have 2 brothers, one older than I, one not older than I.
10-I've owned 2 parrots.
11-Purple is my favorite color.
12-Black is my favorite color, if I have to have clothes on.
13-I love to write about pretty much anything.
14-My shoe size is smaller than my hat size.
15-My hat size is larger than my glove size.
16-My glove size is equal to my panty size.
17-I have a tattoo of a black X on my left forefinger.
18-I did that one myself when I was 16 while getting stoned behind the tennis courts during lunch at high school.
19-I would rather take a bath than a shower.
20-I have very vivid dreams. Usually about being a super-mutant.
21-I wasn't able to walk for many years following a spinal cord injury.
22-I love to eat peanut butter and jam right out of the jar, with out bread.
23-I love anything written by William S. Burroughs.
24-Iv'e read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series 8 times.
25-I'll read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series at least 8 more times.
26-My parents used to be cowboys, than indians, than catholic, than Jehovah's witnesses.
27-I'm a Buddhist.
28-I had a bone tumor removed from my left leg when I was 19. My left calf is still kinda flat there.
29-My right nipple is pierced 3 times.
30-My left nipple is pierced 3 times too, twice horizontally, once vertically.
31-I want make the revolution.
32-I dye my hair magenta with great regularity.
33-I used to have a dog names Monster.
34-He wasn't really a monster.
35-I used to have an Iguana named Xena. She was almost 5 feet long, and a vegan.
36-I don't like hospitals more than most people.
37-Every morning, I go outside and sit in the sun to recharge my emotional batteries.
38-The scar shaped like a Z on my left arm is really a brand. I did that myself.
39- The numbers 3 and 9 always show up in my phone numbers and addresses, as well as important dates, including my birthday.
40- I am a virgo.
41-I love to play first-person shooter video games.
42-This laptop was bought for me by my ex-girl friend after we broke up.
43-I love all of David Bowie's music. Especially 'Rebel Rebel'.
44-I used to have a studio in Dekalb, Il that was fashioned after Andy Warhols "Factory". It was completely covered in foil on the inside.
45-My friends and I declared our own country inside that studio.
46-I used to paint 18 hours a day.
47-I love to play guitar, and I am learning to play the harmonica.
48-My favorite song in the entire world is 'Sleepwalk', by Santo & Johnny, circa 1958.
49-I use fore-arm crutches to walk. I also use them to turn off lights, pull things to me, and to balance my camera when i am taking pictures.
50-I didn't think that I would have even 50 things to write when I started to write this. Apparently, I was mistaken.
51-I make friends with men much easier than I do with women.
52-I make better lovers with women than I do with men.
53-I confuse everyone.
54-I can cross my eyes, and have one move back and forth.
55. I can write my name forwards and backwards like a mirror reflection at the same time using both hands.
56-I can write backwards quite easily.
57-I am ambidextrous and hyperactive.
58-I was almost named Tuesday when I was born.
59-My mother also considered Lyon.
60-My mothers middle name is Hilda.
61-My fathers nickname used to be Turtle.
62-When I was 20, I shaved my head.
63-I used to have a 12" tall blue mohawk.
66-I have had 7 addresses in the last year.
67-I have also had 7 phone numbers. I can't remember any of them right now.
68-Adam Ant used to be my idol. In high school, I used to wear a black upside down cross above my right eye like he did in his "Prince Charming" video.
69-I still love Adam Ant.
70-When I walk, my right legs drags, so i try to make it look like I am walking "cool".
71-My ass doesn't shake like it used to, but it still shakes.
72-I have a 10" scar from my ass to my mid-back.
73-I have titanium in and around my spine.
74-I am a real bionic woman.
75-The dancing sequence in the second Matrix movie gets me hotter than any porn ever could.
76-I don't masturbate as much as I should.
77-I believe everyone should masturbate.
78-I also believe that the people who deny doing it the most probably do it the most, but with guilt. Poor babies.
79-I love all of the music produced by Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Love and Rockets, David J, Danial Ash, and Peter Murphy. Even the Bubbleman song.
80-I prefer the Beatles more than the Rolling Stones.
81-I like Rolling Stones more than a punch in the nose..
82-I'd rather listen to any music instead of than silence, even if it's Slim Whitman.
83-My belly button is pierced.
84-So is my nose.
85-When I was 16, I was beaten up by local hicks in Illinois for being queer. My nose was broken very badly, and my nose stud was pushed through my nostril and into my cheek. Now I wear a piercing on the other nostril.
86- I didn't learn my lesson. I'm still queer.
87-Because of who and how I am, the line between my friends and lovers gets blurry fairly often.
88-Yves Kline is my favorite modern artist.
89-I used to love anything Disney, but now it all just makes me nauseous
90-I collect stuffed animals....usually teddy bears, teddy bunnies, and the occasional stuffed bat.
91-The bat is my spirit animal. They are the symbol of birth, death, and rebirth.
92-I can't hear 'American Woman' by Lenny Kravitz with out shaking my head sidways like he does in the video. Even if it hurts.
94-I like to pretend I'm a vampire.
95-I have to pee very badly right now, but I only have 5 more interesting things about myself to write, so I will do that first.
96-I spend most of my time on the floor. It's better than getting on the floor by accident, and the floor is pretty difficult to fall off of, although I've done it before.
97-I used to have a cat named Ichabod
98- I love my cowboy hat more than food.
99-I still believe I am going to be a rock star some day.
100-writing 100 things about myself was fun. I think everyone should try it.
101-I almost always have something to say



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