Monday, December 24, 2007

BE-ing too

Emotional purge. Blech. Thanks to the Universe for the lack of an aftertaste with those. I am a Tribute to all humans who have come before me, and those to follow. I do believe. AS this is my belief, I am the "Greatest Tribute" that their is, being the only one in this body squawking about the greatness of humanity. Of course, greatness comes at many levels. I could use this time to spew emotional baggage at the Internet, but I having thrown out my baggage this morning, I guess all I can do is simply to remind myself, and anyone else who happens to be paying attention that we, as humans, can change anything we decide to. And all it takes is a decision. Everything in our existence begins with a thought....we, as individuals, even began with only a thought..granted, it was someone else's, but that is the testament to the power we all inherently carry with ourselves every single day, weather or not we acknowledge that power or not, it is there. It is in our cells. Our hearts. Our souls. We cannot make it go away, and if we choose not to steer it consciously, we will control it subconsciously. Kinda like driving at night with the headlights off. Not real cool. People get hurt that way, other people can be killed by our own ignorance of that choice to "drive" our lives with out looking where we are driving. This is not the way I want to live my life. in spite of not being completely aware of that choice within myself prior to this moment in time, I am aware of it now. All it takes to change a life is to change a thought...we change our minds a hundred times a day....and there we go....the lights are back on.

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