Saturday, January 10, 2009

slippy hellfire greyscale

Found this picture from a few months ago. I was seriously flirting with all of @Twitter, but one person specifically, who asked me for a naughty pic after sending me a few. I had very bad pink-eye at the time, and I was staying w/ my sister, so it was difficult to do, and she wouldn't help. She has opinions about nude pictures of my being posted online, so I had to do it myself. Not that I minded, but I was very afraid to drop my HTC Touch in the bubble bath. I couldn't see, was very slippery, it was cold, and the smile was very difficult to come by! lol. I cropped some of my face because with the way my eyes were looking from the pink eye, it made me look corpse like. Even though the picture is blurred and slightly in motion and doesn't quite look exactly like me, I still think it is somewhat artistic, and even marginally titillating.



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