Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rejoining the living as a cure for dying

I was lost, but now am found. Challenges, having been thrust upon me by consequence, karma, free-will, and the malicious-will of others, had left me with little energy to record my travails. 
But a new age is dawning, and personal circumstances and political upheaval be damned! 
I will share my voice, my thoughts, and my images, and my work with the intention to purge the demons that have befallen me, as a direct result of the failing environment, social inequities, privilege and lack thereof, racism, lgbtq-based discrimination, transphobia, abelism, ability-based discrimination, nationalism, capitalism, fascism, elitism, access to healthcare, housing-discrimanation, the stigmatization of cannabis users and cannabis-as-medicine, systemic and cultural discrimination, the disempowerment of women, sexual assault, and the intimidation of anyone seeking equality, dignity, and recognition of one's basic humanity.

🚫⏊ 🚫⏊ 🚫⏊

If I was meant to influence the world at all, it must be by the insertion of ideas into the global conversation, through words, images and art. We all have a part to play, and I know that I am a herald of sorts. A bell-ringer, if you will. A woman motivated by love for her species, and a belief that every single humans life is not only precious, but necessary for the survival if our species. 


The hour is late. The road ahead is treacherous and filled with blossoming dangers, some known, some unknowable until we are upon them, but we are determined. We will meet all of these challenges armed with truth, wisdom, logic and love. 


Unknown said...

Hello very interesting writing. B

Brigitte Engel said...

Hello very interesting writing. B

Cherish Hellfire said...

Thank you, hon. May peace be the journey, and happiness the only destination. =)



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