Monday, September 15, 2008

Cherish the past endeavors

Artwork from my past has a way of reminding me of past goals, past dreams, and my current position in the process of self-actualization.Many of these pieces are from projects that I had seen as a way to transform myself from mu mundane existence into a world that sparkled and shined with the immediacy of my own emotions. Occasionally this state actually came into being, and bringing my projects to some manner of fruition was enough to spur me along the path to my own dreams. 

inner ascention 2 by me - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

I still do not feel as if I am self-actualized, but I am on the right path to get there. Like my art, my life is all about the process. I may not really end up becoming The All-Being, Mistress of Time and Space, but while on the road to coming as close to that state as possible, I get to live my life with flourishes, glitter, sarcasm and smiles, and feel like I am still living a part of the dream.

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Google search for definitions of Dreamer

-Someone who is dreaming.
-Idealist: someone guided more by ideals than by practicle considerations
-escapist: a person who escapes into a world of fantasy
-One who dreams; Someone whose beliefs are far from realistic.

    autumn tam5 Custom - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

    I believe the first and the last search results have been meant to describe someone like myself. Someone who uses their art as a basis for planning their life. That's o.k., because as many of us know from personal experience, with out the dream, the fantasy will never come true. I, for one do not believe in "miracles" in the typical understanding of the word. Miracles only happen for those that have given up expecting the impossible;a long ago.

    Casey was a race car driver. - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

    I expect what may seem to be impossible from myself, and that has helped me to teach others that even if it may seem like what we really want is out of our reach, we will never even have the chance to find out unless we take the chance on having the dream in the first place. I see dreamers as those that WILL make the impossible possible. Call me a dreamer. Go ahead. I will wear that badge with the honor it deserves.

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