Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Angles and Goddeses: The Art that is Lae Morae

Lae Morae is one of my favorite types of artists. She doesn't only just produce creative artistic pieces out of anything get her magic little fingers on, she has turned living her life into a form of art as well. Morae uses many mediums to express her special brand of creativity, from traditional mediums such as ink and acrylics to less (more?) traditional methods such as making fibers for material, movement and dance, and even using her own appearance as a creative medium.


I first became aware of Morae's special brand of creative expression while hanging around Ze Franks forum for The Show in 2006. We met on a forum thread called Picture Association, where the object was simply to to post a picture that had some sort of association to the picture posted before it. Very simple premise, extremely creative process that also helps you see similarities between other peoples world views. It was on this thread that I discovered another woman who likes showing others beautiful things as much as she likes to show off the beautiful things she can make, A kindred soul, this was certain.

Lae Morae's line drawings of beautiful women have always caught my attention. Bold bright colors, strong lines, sensuous shapely women, what's not to love? Many of her line drawings are available as prints on her Deviant Art page and more will be added soon. Morae tells me she has many more completed works that just need a little digitized attention before we can get a peek at them.

Rose by Lae Morae

Self-Portrait by Lae Morae

Lola 2 by Lae Morae

I am one of the lucky people who Morae has decided to envision in line and color. She sent me three different original drawings of her vision of Cherish Hellfire! (yay!), and they are some of my most prized possessions. Here is one of my favorites from that series.

Morae's goddess paintings, acrylic on canvas. I'm pretty sure these won't be leaving her home anytime soon, but at least she shares them here with us. It's kind of difficult to capture the warmth that a painting on canvas has through photos, but we'll do our best.


Tara by Lae Morae


Kali by Lae Morae

Morae has lots of other work that we could look at here, but I suggest giving yourself a nice jaunt off the beaten path and look at some of the other work she has posted around the interweb. Examples of her dress making, mad crochet skills, and photography can be found simply by googling her for a bit. You never know where it could lead you and I promise you won't be sorry.

I'll leave you with one more photo, this time, from Morae's flicker stream and it's hot enough to boil water at 100 meters, so be careful. Now you'll understand my appreciation on a whole new level.

Lae Morae on Deviant Art

Lae Morae on Flickr


Beyond the Wall of Sleep said...

Amazing work. I love how she uses the angling of her markers to really bring out texture in her drawings. And, y'know, hot too. said...

beautiful painting !

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